imageSaves You Time:
By writing up your report while you're doing your inspection, you are saving yourself time and money. There are many time saving features built-in to IRC home inspection software that you will find make report-writing easier and produce a professional narrative-style home inspection report.

Huge Autocomment Libraries:
IRC home inspection software includes 1000's of pre-programmed autocomments that make report-writing easier by allowing the inspector to add industry standard narratives to the inspection report with just a few clicks.

Easy to Use Home Inspection Forms:
Conduct inspections using a paper checklist, mobile platform inspection forms, or carry a laptop or tablet. The software is easy to learn. You don't need to be a computer expert to use IRC home inspection software.

Inspection Reports Compliant with Home Inspection Industry Standards:
Inspection Report Creator software was developed by PHII, an affiliate of ASHI, NSHI, NAHI, and NACHI. Over 3000 copies of the software are licensed throughout the USA and Canada.

IRC Report SoftwarePrevents Errors & Omissions:
Inspection Report Creator keeps track of what components have been inspected and helps prevent inspectors from missing sections or defects during an inspection.

Deliver Your Reports on Paper or Electronically:
Inspection Report Creator software allows inspectors to deliver home inspection reports in a variety of ways. Reports can be printed from your office or printed on site. Reports can also be uploaded, emailed, or burned to a CD from your desktop, laptop, or notebook computer.

Print Home Inspection Reports On-Site:
Inspection Report Creator software allows you to print the reports on-site or you can bring the report back to the office and print, fax, upload, or email reports in PDF format.

Home Inspection Business Documents:
Inspection Report Creator software includes a pre-inspection agreement which limits your liability in case of errors and omissions. The desktop software also includes a built-in invoicing system which allows you to generate customer invoices quickly and easily.